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Hello fellow guitar players, and music enthusiasts!

I am offering an education in guitar, and a comprehensive education in music to all skill levels - if you're motivated to learn, I'm happy to teach.

Some information about me: I am a professional musician from the USA who lives in Vienna. In 2013 I completed my studies in Jazz Guitar with an "Auszeichnung" at the Vienna Conservatory.

I'm probably most known in the Viennese music scene for my work with Rock and Metal bands such as Mothers of the Land, Locracy, Ryte, Hog Meets Frog, among many other projects. I have also played in Jazz bands, hosted Blues Sessions, and played with various commercial acts.

I've been teaching for around 15 years, and I'm still learning myself. In addition to electric guitar, I love to play classical guitar, jazz piano, bass guitar, violin, and dabble with drums. (never stop learning haha) I'm happy to impart any of this knowledge to my studen

In case you were wondering by now- although I am an American, I am fluent in German, and glad to accommodate your language preference.






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