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My lessons are adapted individually to the needs and interests of each student. The musical concepts learned will be influenced by your personal music taste and goals.


Under my instruction our goal is to improve your:

  • Improvisation and Soloing

  • Song Repertoire

  • Fretboard Overview

  • Understanding of Music Theory, and its practical application

  • Comping 

  • Creative Riffing and Songwriting

  • Vocabulary of Scales and Chords, and their practical application

  • Critical Hearing Skills, i.e. Ear Training


We will also learn and analyze some of your favorite songs, so that you can unlock the secrets of the music that inspires you.


Be prepared for a lot of hands on playing and improvisation:

-Improvisation and jamming is a great way to gain a balanced musical understanding of your instrument.


For students interested in Piano I also offer lessons in the fundamentals of Jazz, Pop and Classical Piano.


I'm happy to teach students of all ability levels- whether you are an absolute beginner or are getting ready for a music career yourself!


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